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Terms and Conditions

  • 1.     User/ Owner Responsibility. It is Your Responsibility to back-up any and all Data, Software, Files, Media, and any other information stored on the computer / discs/ drives prior to contacting PCMedia911.com. You agree that PCMedia911.com is not responsible under any condition/ circumstance for the loss of or corruption of any and all data/ software.
  • 2.     Release of Liability. By signing this form you agree to release PCMedia911.com from ANY loss or damage that you may suffer including, but not limited to: Loss of Data, Corruption of Data, Non-Functioning equipment/ hardware, Non-functioning peripherals; regardless of any warranties, waivers and disclaimers. Nor will PCMedia911.com be liable to you or any person for any damages, without limitations, whether they are direct, indirect, special or consequential. This includes but not limited to: Profit loses, expenses, lost savings and/ or earnings, or any other loss or liability resulting from any service provided by PCMedia911.com.
  • 3.     The Following must be provided with PC:

                                    ~ All Original Discs / Documentation that came with system
                                    ~ All User names and passwords
                                    ~ All Software key codes/ passwords
                                    ~ Operating System disc and key codes
                                    ~ All Power Cables/ Battery Packs and Chargers
                                    ~ (if applicable) Peripherals: including cables/ hardware/ software/ documentations.

  • 4.     Limitations.  PCMedia911.com has the right to refuse (wholly or in part) performing any and all services and instead; return payment (wholly or in part) on the basis of minimum system requirements are not met or the technical needs of the customer are unusual or beyond the scope of this agreement; as determined by PCMedia911.com.
  • 5.     For all Media Services and any service so deemed by PCMedia911.com; a minimum of 50% of the projected final cost is required.
  • 6.     You hereby state: I am an adult (age 18 years or older); I have the authority to, and hereby do, authorize the services requested; I agree to pay any and all costs  associated with the abovementioned services, even those that may arise during the completion of the services requested, or services that I may request be added to this agreement via: writing, voice, electronic transmission or other communication means. 
  • 7.     Additional fees may apply to any outstanding balance 30 days past date of completion.  Any balance exceeding 45 days from date of completion will result in forfeiture of all property in the custody of PCMedia911.com.
  • 8.     Returned Check Fee $75.00
  • 9.     Additional fees may apply.